About Us

Hasutomi is a Singapore brand specialising in natural health food.
The company’s name, Hasutomi, is inspired from
“Hasu” a Japanese word for the lotus flower. The lotus flower is regarded as a sacred flower symbolising purity, light and hope, as it emerges as a pure flower from muddy swamps or murky waters.

Strives to bring health food in its purest.
and most natural form to people.



Healthy - To improve one's health and life. Our products are from reputable sources and their benefits have been proven by generations. Consumption of our natural health food is known to have made a significant improvement in people’s health and ultimately the lives of individuals.

Affordability - To bring quality natural health food to the people at a relatively affordable price. In the hope that a greater number of people would be able to enjoy the health benefits of our products.

Safe - To source for superior products from the best origins.

Upmost - Continuous upmost in our effort to made Hasutomi to be synonymous with premium natural health food at the most affordable prices.


Frequently ask questions by our customers & partners

Is Hasutomi a Japanese or local company ?
Hasutomi is a Singapore private limited company. It started business since 2014 and incorporated as private limited company in 2015.
Are Hasutomi’s products regulated by Singapore authority?
Yes, our products are imported from reputable suppliers and we have the necessary AVA licenses to import and sell them.
Where do we buy Hasutomi’s products?
Our products can be purchased online (www.hasutomi.com), 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For customers who doesn’t have credit cards, we also accept cash on delivery. Please call 66128 029 / 8699 2199 for details. We also do corporate events and roadshows at major shopping malls around Singapore for our customers to sample and purchase our products. Please call our customers hotline : 6612 8029 for enquiry.
Do we provide free local delivery?
Yes free local delivery (mainland, non-restriction area only) is provided for purchases above $30/-. For overseas customers please email customerservice@hasutomi.com for enquiry.
Why Hasutomi’s products are sold via direct sales and not via traditional retailing in shops?
Direct sales allow more cost savings which translate to lower pricing for our customers. Retailing in shops requires a substanial percentage of profit sharing with the retailers. Moreover, due to the high rental, labour and logistic costs in Singapore, traditional retailing entails significant amount of cost which eventually resulted in higher prices for the consumers.
Why Hasutomi’s products prices are relatively more competitive than other brands?
In Hasutomi, we believe in bringing quality health food at the most competitive price, so as to allow a large number of customers to enjoy our food. Hasutomi does not believe in spending a large amount of money in advertising and marketing, and our packaging is kept simple. Such cost savings are passed to our customers at a lower price.
What is the main selling point of Hasutomi’s products
We believe in sourcing our health products from reputable sources. In the health food industry, there are many brands which offer better packaging and more attractive prices, but the origin of their products are often from countries whereby health and safety standards are seldom followed and enforced.
How do I reach Hasutomi ?
You may reach us directly at:
Tel : (65) 6612 8029 / (65)8699 2199
Email: customerservice@hasutomi.com


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